Is it possible to change one’s lifestyle?

Many people have probably asked themselves this question at some point in their lives. Whether it is to lose weight, reverse a disease, break bad habits or, ultimately, feel better, most everyone needs to alter something in their lives. However, when it comes time to actually make that change, we often find we are faced with serious difficulties that get in the way of forming new habits.

Change is possible, and the solution to achieving a healthier lifestyle isn’t found in restricting, prohibiting, or depriving yourself, but in making the decision to develop new habits and tastes. It’s about managing how to no longer crave what’s harmful.

21 Days to Change is a tool that will lead you through this process of change, providing useful information about why to change, as well as how to do so. In addition, it offers a detailed guide to changing your lifestyle in a sustainable way in just three weeks, and it gives the readers a variety of ways to achieve this change, thus increasing the chances of success in forming new habits.

How about you? Do you have 21 days? If so, you too can make a change!

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Authors: Dr. George Pamplona Roger – Dr. Marcello Niek M. Leal


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