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Creating new pathways can be challenging, especially when old habits have been practised for so long. There’s a saying that it takes 21 days to change a habit. Indigenous elders say it takes 28 days to complete a cycle. Therefore, we apply these sayings with science to create a system that is geared towards getting the brain in the best position for restoration. This program is spaced out where anyone can find the time to implement these principles and allow themselves to rediscover their worth.

4 Week, Focused Online Program with healthy eating tips, motivation, exercise strategies, success planning, and goal setting. A complete 30-day jump start for your health.

  • Week #1 – Whole Foods – Focus on the quality of healing properties of foods, not just the number of calories and what’s bad for you.
  • Week #2 – Exercise & Deep breathing– Finding an exercise routine you can stick to, long-term
  • Week #3 – Keeping focused – Mindfulness & identifying triggers.
  • Week #4 – Self-care and emotional strategies for success

Detailed Content Emails You’ll get a new email each week with content and thoughts for the week to engage and excite.

Delicious, Nutritious Recipes to help you experience results that will keep you going back over and over again.

Grocery Shopping Guide designed to help 30-day jumpstart participants make healthy, in-season choices at the grocery store.

Smoothies and Juice Recipes with innovative ideas for delicious, nutritional smoothies and juices that you and your loved ones will enjoy.

Motivational Tips and techniques that you’ll gain to generate excitement and keep you focused on your goals.

A Healthy detox Ideas Guide with just enough information to provide guidance and the opportunity to expand with personal advice that creates a desire to live healthier.

Healthy Eating on the Go tip sheet to help make healthy choices while on the go.

This lifestyle health schedule will make the 30-day jumpstart success towards your health and wellness journey.

Ideal Exercise Planning Worksheet developed to keep you on track and while experiencing results. Six tips For a safe and effective fitness routine.

Emotional Intelligence skills help you become more aware of your emotions while also helping you to navigate the negative ones.

And much, much more!


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