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I believe that wellness isn’t a destination, but an ongoing relationship with your own body. A loving relationship, built on kindness & respect. That disease is often your body’s last-ditch attempt to get your attention — and demand some TLC. That starting to eat, move, and live differently requires massive forgiveness and mental resilience. That life is supposed to be simple, easy & chock-full of miracles. We’re the ones who complicate things and we’re the ones who can choose to change.

I’m Rohan K. Watson — lifestyle therapist, writer, motivational speaker, wellness warrior, creator of the revolutionary mental health and wellness program “The Restore Series,” and founder of Rohan K. Watson, Inc.

I have been enchanted with fitness since my childhood. I began my health journey playing soccer and achieved national recognition as one of the best players in Canada. With expertise in fitness, nutrition, counselling, lifestyle medicine, trauma work, and emotional intelligence, I have helped to transform hundreds of lives on a personal level. Today, I’m on a mission to help people around the world transform their lives, change their narratives, heal from trauma, experience real joy, and tell their own story of inspiration and resiliency.

Today's society

In today’s society, we’ve attempted various ways to improve our health and counteract disease. In the last century, scientific knowledge has reached such a high level of sophistication that there are now specialized physicians and health professionals for each body organ and function. In devotion to their specific body area, they may easily forget about the others. Great achievements have been made in the area of diagnosis and treatment. However, we cannot ignore the following questions:

Is there a specific department that focuses on the organs, their functions, and human beings as a whole?

Which medical branch or specialist can help us in the scientific application of the restorative power of natural agents?


Why is a generation built on the most modern technology suffering and dying at such a rapid pace compared to just half a century ago? These are the thoughts that have kept me up at night. I have researched, studied, taken lectures, experimented on myself, and done all in my power to come to what I think is a reasonable conclusion. From a healthy standpoint, I believe that when we start to look at human beings as a whole person (mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical) amazing results will show up. I decided to create not just another program, but a transformative one that would address these four areas. The intent is to quickly and radically put a check on these diseases that continue to cause havoc on us and the lives of our loved ones.

Wondering how I got here?

(It’s a really good story…)

rohan's watson

the story

Imagine a talented, driven, and deeply ambitious 24-year-old man.

He’s a rising soccer star. Well-liked, with a massive amount of friends! He was always willing to help anyone who needed support. While trying to help others, he couldn’t help himself. Not understanding the impacts of trauma, neither personal nor generational. He was not prepared to deal with the many obstacles that lie directly ahead with no regard to proper use of self-care — but still had tremendous potential and so much love to give — if he could only figure out how to not live up to the hype and people’s expectation of him. He was on a collision course – trying to live up to people’s expectations of him and not understanding his self-worth. The knowledge of emotional regulation and complex multi-generational trauma was foreign to him. Yet, he was a product of such. The legacy of oppression and the impacts of colonization planted roots in his DNA. He has seen the great misery, the loss of identity has caused. How does he break the cycle?

Imagine that young man at the doctor’s office, discovering that he has been living with two fractured shoulder blades, tested positive for TB, had a hyper-extended right angle, strained back and a torn lateral meniscus, a swollen knee with large amounts of fluid (talk about a game-changer) — and that the only option (if he wants to play again) is to have an aggressive surgery and treatment with zero guarantees to ever play soccer again.

That was me. Just a few years ago. It’s hard to believe because my whole life — my priorities, my values, my choices, the way that I listen to my body & nourish myself — is SO different today. I had a minor scope on my knee, which, of course, was no big deal, right? I mean, people get this thing all the time with little or no complications. That was, however, not my result. I developed an unexpected infection that put me in a severe depressive state which made me all but lose hope of living. Yet, I wanted nothing more than to live. As the wise Indigenous saying goes: “when the student is ready, the teacher shows up.” I met what would become one of my dearest friends. His experience was like nothing else: full of life, joy, and the pursuit of an unselfish desire to help mankind. I was deeply inspired! He encouraged me to take a deeper look into a more natural approach and cleaner living. What? I mean, I was fit – I played soccer all my life – training up to three times a day. Active listening was what I did (I talk more about this in my program). This opened my eyes to a whole new world, a new way of thinking. Talk about a radical shift!

I was intrigued, so I decided that I would do everything in my power to give it my all. I wanted to thrive in health, and despite my unfavorable circumstances, I wanted to be well.

I learned how to treat myself with absolute kindness & self-respect. I radicalized my diet. I systematically detoxified my body and mind. I discovered that wellness is not a destination, but a loving and unconditionally forgiving relationship with your own body. I fully recovered and came back with better health than I ever ,had. Some may say that I was reborn. However, this time my love to be great in soccer was gone. I no longer had the ambition to be the best. Instead, I developed this burning desire to share my experience in natural healing and restoration. Furthermore, I wanted to become an agent of change. Now I combine natural medicine with the best clinical practices, and what would you know, a new lifestyle program was formed. Somewhere along the way, I realized that I was more than a “case study” — I was a leader, a role model, an educator, and a champion. Part of an empowering wellness revolution, sweeping the planet. Someone with a sure purpose, a living example with the potential to inspire others, touch lives & provide HOPE — simply by showing up and telling my story. So that’s what I do. Every single day I tell my story. People listen and chime in, and together we encourage and inspire one another to treat our bodies — and design our lives — with absolute kindness. This virtual community is always evolving — and there is so much to explore.

If you are new to my world, here is where to begin:

rohan's watson

the blog

The BLOG! I have hundreds upon hundreds of articles on meditation, self-care, whole foods, juicing & smoothies, natural beauty, forest bathing, healthy by nature, spiritual inspiration, and more. So much goodness. Get lost in it.

The Juice, Tea, and Smoothie Book! By far, one of the most important books on health restoration. Healthy Juices. People’s health is being damaged more and more by the contemporary lifestyle. Despite counting on the best monetary resources, millions of human beings around the world face serious health problems that could be prevented. For that reason, it is important to discover the healthy power of drinks, which, apart from delighting us with their delicious flavors, contribute to the wellbeing of the body and help to combat and prevent many disorders. Word on the street is that it is a real page-turner! Grab a copy here.

Healthy Body! A practical guide to body care, Healthy Body is the perfect kickstart to a new, vibrant life. This work shows us the extraordinary worth of the human body, explaining the function of each part and organ, and offering valuable advice for keeping it healthy and in shape, based on the most recent research. It is a compendium of preventive medicine, written for those who wish to take care of their bodies; a veritable maintenance manual for the most complex and efficient machine of all.

the show

THE SHOW! On Sacred Talks TV, I interview wildly inspiring people — writers, coaches, documentary filmmakers & wellness revolutionaries — and I share our conversations with YOU. Watch recent shows here and get on my list, so you never miss an episode! Your life is worth treasuring, your body is worth nourishing, and we need you here, alive and kicking. Thank you for listening to my story, and for being here, because here is SO good.