Heard of Forest bathing?

The healing art of nature – the concept of forest bathing is not new, but on the contrary, has always been there. Spending time in nature, going for a walk in the forest, and finding quietness in the outdoors have brought tremendous healing and good fortune to many. I am also fascinated with simply just going out for a walk in the forest and observing the beauty of nature. Nothing tends to bring more calm and a sense of gratitude by allowing the senses to find delight in the warmth and silent intrigue that nature speaks to us. How profound!

I grew up in a small rural tropical area but was always in favor of moving to the big city. So, I spent the latter part of my teenage and adult years in one of the biggest and busiest cities in Canada and I loved it. 

As I began to feel a sense of adventure, I would often go out on walks in nature, and by this, a desire sprung up that I couldn’t shake. Oh, how I longed to be in nature and the comfort of a rural country area. How ironic. The thing I could wait to escape from is the very thing I craved later on.

I spent the last 12 plus in British Columbia, Canada, where I lived in the mountains, by the beach, in the valley, and in the country area. What an ongoing experience! I would not trade it for anything. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy going into the city, but I find that I cannot stay there long.

This can be difficult for some to move out into the country, but I encourage you to spend more time in nature. Who knows – you may find an unexpected treasure!Thalassotherapy – Health through sea baths.

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